Crucial Facts Regarding Very Low Calorie Diets

Crucial Facts Regarding Very Low Calorie DietsAnytime you are thinking about an extreme diet, you need to do your background work and find out the specifics first. This type of diet can be helpful, but not necessarily entirely health oriented.

It would be best to have an approval from your doctor. In this piece, we intend on pointing out the helpful and the harmful aspects of intensive weight loss diets.

It is often hard for people to stick to these diets long term, which is a problem. Consuming less than 800 calories a day is very difficult to maintain for a long period of time. Once coming off the diet people tend to gain weight again, when they lost it on the diet.

This is why you should have a long term strategy for changing your diet and lifestyle. That way, you can lose some weight quickly with a very low calorie diet, and then, rather than going back to your old habits, you can eat a modified diet that’s still healthy while exercising regularly too.

The Rice Diet is a diet that was developed in the 1930s by a doctor named Walter Kempner, who found that a diet that consisted mainly of rice could be useful for treating certain diseases such as hypertension and kidney diseases. If you are looking to loose a little weight; this diet could be helpful.

You consume more foods than rice alone; however rice is eaten with every meal. The most positive aspect of the Rice Diet is the ability to do away with unhealthy processed foods and is nearly free of fat, sodium and sugars. Most dieters may not wish to continue this food plan for any considerable amount of time; it is very intense.

The dangerous thing about very low calorie diets is that they’re appealing to not just obese people but to people who have eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa. This condition is where people really want to be thin and their view of themselves is very distorted. Other people will see those with such eating disorders as being emaciated, but they look fat to themselves.

Such people will often refuse to eat anything but very low calorie foods, and this can bring about nutritional deficiencies and many side effects such as depression, problems with the hair and nails, and hypothermia, which makes them feel cold because their body temperature is lower than it should be. If you see someone on a very low calorie diet who already looks too thin, you should try to get them to seek help.

In closing, extremely low calorie food programs are not the answer for all dieters, but if your physician gives you a heads up and you wish to choose the intensity, it may be helpful for you. You now have a little information regarding the selections open to you. Prior to making your diet pick, deliberate and make a wise choice.

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